Building Careers and Writing Resumes

Building Careers and Writing Résumés is a lecture which is covered during Business Communication Module.

This Lecture offers a variety of creative tips on finding opportunities in today’s job market, followed by comprehensive advice for crafting an effective résumé for specific job openings.

Learning Objectives:

  1. List eight key steps to finding the ideal opportunity in today’s job market.
  2. Explain the process of planning your résumé, including how to choose the best résumé organization.
  3. Describe the tasks involved in writing your résumé, and list the sections to consider including in your résumé.
  4. Characterize the completing step for résumés, including the six most common formats in which you can produce a résumé.
  5. Identify nine tips for creating a successful LinkedIn profile.

In this file you will find: 

  • 1 Building Careers and Writing Résumés Lecture Power Point Presentation
  • 1 Guide file how to conduct Lecture
  • 1 Test Bank with 100 different questions with full answer description and explanation
  • 1 Folder with relevant pictures
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