Global Trade Environment

The Global Trade Environment is a separate lecture which is covered during International Marketing Module with a Bachelor level student.

In this file you will find:

  • 1 The Global Trade Environment Lecture Power Point Presentation
  • 2 Case Studies for Seminar Discussions
  • 1 File for teacher reading in order to get additional insights about topic (may give it to students as well)
  • 1 Detailed Lesson Plan
  • 1 File with additional Exercises which might be used during Seminar Class.

Learning Objectives of the Lecture Power Point Presentation:

  1. Explain the role of the WTO in facilitating global trade relations among nations.
  2. Compare and contrast the four main categories of preferential trade agreements.
  3. Explain the trade relationship dynamics among signatories of NAFTA.
  4. Identify the four main preferential trade agreements in Latin American and the key members of each.
  5. Identify the main preferential trade agreements Asia-Pacific region.
  6. Describe the various forms of economic integration in Europe.
  7. Describe the activities of the regional organizations in the Middle East.
  8. Identify the issues for global marketers wishing to expand in Africa



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