Introduction to Global Marketing

Introduction to Global Marketing is a separate lecture which is covered during International Marketing Module with a Bachelor level student.

In this file you will find:

  • 1 Introduction to Global Marketing Lecture Power Point Presentation
  • 1 Case Study about McDonald`s
  • 1 Case Study about Apple and Samsung
  • 1 File for teacher reading in order to get additional insights about topic (may give it to students as well)
  • 1 Detailed Lesson Plan
  • 1 File with additional Exercises which might be used during Seminar Class.

Learning Objectives of the Lecture Power Point Presentation:

1.1 Use the product/market growth matrix to explain the various ways a company can expand globally.

1.2 Describe how companies in global industries pursue competitive advantage.

1.3 Compare and contrast single-country marketing strategy with global marketing strategy (GMS).

1.4 Identify the companies at the top of the Global 500 rankings.

1.5 Explain the stages a company goes through as its management orientation evolves from domestic and ethnocentric to global and geocentric.

1.6 Discuss the driving and restraining forces affecting global integration today.

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