Inventory Management

Inventory Management is one of the topic which is covered during Operations Management lectures and seminars in order to enhance students knowledge.

Key Covered Questions:
– What is inventory?
– Why should there be any inventory?
– How much should be ordered?
– When should an order be placed?
– How can inventory be controlled?

These are following learning outcomes in which you will be able:
– to understand the inventory.
– to understand the significance of inventory.
– to understand and apply the optimum way of inventory order.
– to understand and apply the time to order
– to understand and apply the technique for inventory control.

In this File you will find:

– 1 Inventory Management Lecture Power Point Presentation
– 1 Seminar Plan
– 2 Seminar Exercises
– 1 Case Study

All covered materials are taught for bachelor level students Level 5.
Please write your comments once you purchase this lesson in order to have some suggestions for further improvements of teaching materials.

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