Place mix

Product Description

Place Mix / Distribution Mix is covered as a separate Lecture and Seminar as a separate element of Marketing mix by Bachelor Level Students of Principle of Marketing Module.Distribution Mix of Marketing Mix plays an important role in the life of any company. That is why it is crucial to prepare future marketing managers for this task. This lecture was designed in order to teach this topic to university students.

The agenda of the Lecture and Seminar is:

– Supply Chains and the Value Delivery Network
– Choice of channel
– Importance of Marketing Channels
– Why we use intermediaries
– Levels of distribution
– Types of Intermediary
– Channel Behaviour
– Vertical marketing systems
– Analyzing Consumer Needs
– Setting Channel Objectives
– Identifying Major Alternatives
– Evaluating the Major Alternatives

In this File you will Find:

– 1 Place Mix Lecture Power Point Presentation
– 1 Place Mix Seminar Power Point Presentation
– 1 Case Study on Production
– 1 Case Study on all 4 P`s of Marketing mix
– 1 Quiz with 20 Questions and all answers
– 1 Video Clip On Case Study

All teaching materials are used during teaching process of Bachelor Level Students and students find them very interesting and they are fully engaged in the learning process.

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