Recruitment in Human Resource Management

Recruitment in Human Resource Management teaching materials. Recruitment process is an important activity of any HR manager. The purpose of this teaching resources is to improve your effectiveness in recruiting candidates.  The topics we discuss include personnel planning, forecasting, recruiting job candidates, and developing and using application forms. That is why student who are passionated about future HR career must to know how the Recruitment process is going within the companies.

– What is Recruitment?
– Hiring the Right Person
– Recruitment Stages & Issues
– Recruitment Policy
– Sources of Recruitment
– Evaluation & Benchmarking

In this File you will find:
– 1 Recruitment Lecture Power Point Presentation
– 1 Seminar Plan with 5 different Activities for students
– In addition to that 6 different case studies on the Recruitment process

All materials are covered by Bachelor Level Students during HRM Module.

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