Writing Persuasive Messages

Writing Persuasive Messages is a lecture which is covered during Business Communication Module.

This Lecture completes the section on brief message types with a look at persuasive messages, which we divide into persuasive business messages and marketing and sales messages. Key points for both categories include learning how to frame an argument, balancing emotional and logical appeals, reinforcing one’s position, anticipating objections, and avoiding common mistakes in persuasive communication.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Apply the three-step writing process to persuasive messages.
  2. Describe an effective process for developing persuasive business messages, and identify the three most common categories of persuasive business messages.
  3. Describe an effective strategy for developing marketing and sales messages, and explain how to modify your approach when writing promotional messages for social media.
  4. Identify steps you can take to avoid ethical lapses in marketing and sales messages.

In this file you will find:

  • 1 Writing Persuasive Messages Lecture Power Point Presentation
  • 1 Guide file how to conduct Lecture
  • 1 Test Bank with 100 different questions with full answer description and explanation
  • 1 Folder with relevant pictures
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